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Message for Readers/Writers

Dear Writers/Readers,
         A full web based collection on Bishnupriya Manipuri(BM) Books is now available on the this website: www.bmbooksgallery.blogspot.com . Details about the books published by BM Writers, author’s details, subject-wise, year-wise publications, books written in different languages etc. are available on the site for information. Details of Writers'/Authors' Profile are under collection which will also be uploaded shortly. All are cordially requested to provide information on all Bishnupriya Manipuri literary works done so far from any corner of the country and abroad to make the website a complete gallery on BM literature. To submit information for the website, please send the information according to the FORMAT given below and send the same through e-mail at bmlcgallery@gmail.com. Your's co-operation and support is highly solicited to make the website a versatile information gallery on literary works on the Internet.  
Format of Collecting Biodata of Writers/Authors and details of Literary Works

1.  Name   of Author/Writer                                           -
2.  Birth Place                                                             -
3.  Present Residing Place                                          -
4.  Date of Birth                                                           -
5.  Date of Death of Author/Writer  (if not alive) **          -
6.  Education Qualification                                            -
7.  Profession                                                             -
8.  Details of Literary Works (Written in Bishnupriya Manipuri and other languages)
    a)  Total Books written                                             -
    b)  Details of Books
Name of Book
Language Written
Date & Year of Print

9.  Contributions in other Specific Areas by the Author/Writer (If any) -
10. Literary Pension received,  if any                            -
      If Yes, please mention in detail
11. Literary Awards received by the Author/Writer,  if any give details -
12. Other Awards/Recognitions if any                            -
13. Other information if any, other than the above mentioned_____________________________

Date:                                                                                                            Signature of Writer/Author/
Place:                                                                                               Others who furnish the above information
* * * * *
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